A Wild X Appears!

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Origin: Gameboy Pokemon series

Year: 1996

A Wild X Appears! is a popular line said in the Pokemon video games when an enemy Pokemon would appear. Variations of the phrase has been used as way to troll forum users on the internet.

Wild Snorlax Appears

Another use of the line is to caption a picture of a fat person with the line, "Wild Snorlax Appears!." Snorlax being a very fat and lazy Pokemon.[1]

Wild Faggot Appears!

Users on the internet have taken the phrase and gone on to use it on forums and message boards to troll posters by replying to the victim with "Wild faggot appears!"[2]


The original line comes from the 1996 - Present Gameboy Pokemon series. When a player would encounter a random enemy the phrase would be stated (ie: "Wild Magikarp appears!")

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